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Motorsport Marketing Basics

No matter the industry, all businesses can benefit from marketing. Effective marketing can put your product or service in the eyes of your target consumers, which can lead to more conversions and an increase in profits. Elite performance and professional sporting teams are no exception. If you’re a part of a high performance team, a strong marketing campaign can help grow your fan base and event ticket sales.

All sports can benefit from marketing their elite performance teams, and R6 Digital specialises in creating and implementing motorsport marketing campaigns. Our team of marketing experts has worked on a variety of motorsport campaigns, including the final stage of the 2017 World Rally Championship, Kennards Hire Rally Australia. If you’re looking to improve the marketing for your motorsport team or business, we’ve put together a list of the basic techniques to include in your marketing strategy.

Upgrade your website

When it comes to marketing your motorsport team or business, having a great website is an essential first step. Your website is often the first point of contact between your brand and your target consumers, so make sure you take the time to make an excellent impression.

Your website needs to look modern and professional, but it still needs to be functional and informative. Make sure you include plenty of information about your brand, including contact details, a calendar of upcoming events, and a biography of your key members.

The information on your website needs to be updated regularly in order to ensure your fans have the most accurate information. Your website is the basis or starting point for your marketing campaign; the majority of your other tactics will link users back towards your website. Because of this, having a functional and well-designed website that promotes a great user experience is essential. If your motorsport website needs updating, the team at R6 Digital can help you out.

Optimise your website

You could create the most beautiful website in your industry, but if you don’t optimise it for search engines, it’s less likely to be found by your target users. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that involves tweaking your content and the technical aspects of your website in order to optimise it for the web.

The better your SEO, the more likely it is that your website will show up in the search engine results. You should optimise your website for a variety of keywords that are relevant to your brand. There are numerous benefits to ranking your website highly in the search engine results. Not only does it make your website or brand more visible, it also increases the likelihood of people clicking on your website.

Content marketing

Motorsport Marketing Basics R6 Digital | Centreforce Technology Group

One of the ways to increase the variety of keywords your website can rank for is to invest in content marketing. The definition of content marketing is broad, but in terms of motorsport marketing it refers to developing, creating, and publishing content on your website. For example, each page on your website should be optimised for specific keywords, and it’s unlikely they’ll be able to rank for many keywords they aren’t optimised for.

With content marketing, you can create content for your website’s blog that does target those extra keywords. Content marketing needs to link closely with SEO; if you don’t optimise your content, it’s unlikely to be seen by your target audience.

Advertise your website

Advertising should play a large role in your motorsport marketing campaign. The majority of your paid digital advertising will most likely come from Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows you to create advertisements for your website that will appear at the top of the search engine results pages for particular keywords. These ads put your brand in front of consumers who are already searching for terms related to your motorsport team or business; this means they’re more likely to be interested in your brand.

Social media

Paid advertising through Google AdWords isn’t the only way your can advertise your website. Creating social media accounts should be another key aspect of your motorsport marketing campaign. You can create accounts on platforms popular among your target audience for free. Being active on your social media accounts will make your team or brand more accessible to your target audience. You can also invest in paid advertising through social media. Doing so can increase the engagement your audience has with the content you’ve published.

Invest in motorsport marketing

Upgrading, optimising, and advertising your website should form the basis of your motorsport marketing campaign; however, knowing what the basics are and knowing how to best implement them for your motorsport team or business are two different concepts. If you’re struggling to get started on your marketing campaign, contact the team of professionals at R6 Digital today! Alternatively, you can view our latest motorsport work or get a behind the scenes look at out work on the 2017 Kennards Hire Rally Australia!

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