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R6 Web Design agrees that blogs for websites work

Do blogs for websites work? It’s a question often asked of us at R6 Web Design™, a digital marketing agency part of the Centreforce Technology Group, and the answer is different each time!

The reality is that blogs for websites serve a number of specific functions.

  1. They educate. Blog stories can be educational, informative, and deliver real information to the reader, especially if they’re in the ‘research phase’ of a purchase. Products or services that don’t have wide acceptance or knowledge in the marketplace benefit from well-written, rich content blogs that deliver real information.
  2. They notify. Targeted blog stories, especially those with directional information, can inform potential users of looming events or service changes. Correctly tagged, these blogs can be found by search engines and may even be used by Google’s new Rich Snippet service.
  3. They deliver authoritative content. Specific blogs on specific topics with well-researched content delivers information to readers and searchers. Google’s search engine will reward websites with authoritative content that answers a searcher’s questions.
  4. They deliver content change. Nothing is worse than stale website content. Searchers are always looking for new information, especially those searching for new products and services. Readers want to read about the latest technology, products, and services, and this information can be easily changed on your website many times through your blog posts.
  5. They inform. Event based organisations should use blogs and news stories to keep followers, attendees, and interested people informed on the progress of the event. Followers expect it. Bad news should travel as fast as good news, too.

How do I get a good blog story for my website?

There are many blog writers that can research and deliver blog stories for your industry and business.

A word of caution: you can find a blog writer on most shop corners, but specific topics need specific writers. Blog stories can cost between $10 and $500 depending on the complexity of the topic. Keyword density is important, along with relevance to your website.

At R6 Web Design, we have a team of writers who provide specialist and authoritative content for websites. Ask us how using blogs for websites can improve your rankings.

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